Past events

Newborn child

SOng for Frieda

This song started with a bet and a challenge to myself. The first baby from our friends from University was about to come and we were betting which gender it might be. One of our friends said it would be a boy – well, later on we could tape him to a tree. 😀

I bet it would be a girl, and if so I would write her a song. My friend, who became a father was not expecting that I would really put all my heart into it. So it was a good surprise and a beautifully emotional reaction. 

"I really didn't expect such an emotional song. Thank you!"
- Felix


SOng for Catherine and Jan

It was such an amusing time, writing the song for Catherine and Jan! I invited all of Jan’s best friends from university and we sat together and pulled out all the fun memories from the good old times we spend together. And for Catherine’s part, I got the contact of the bride’s maid and had an “interview” with her to secretly get some interesting and fun facts about her – which is actually a fun way of getting to know someone.

And performing the song was such an exciting experience, with all of the wonderful guests singing and performing this song with me. Thank you for making this so great!  

"Your song text came from the heart and touched us very much!"
- Catherine and Jan


SOng for Gosia and Joaquin

In the process of writing the song for Gosia and Joaquin, I felt like a private investigator. Since the wedding was in the south of Spain and Joaquin’s mother was our contact for organizing hotels, I had her number. So I could have an interview with her about some fun stories from Joaquin’s childhood and youth. Also, I got the number of Gosia’s mother, who I also had an interview with. 

With all these fun facts about them, I could write a song that brought some cheering and a good time. And integrating the little dance performance for everyone, it was an entertaining and lively experience for me as well!

"That was a great performance with lots of love. Thank you so much!"
- Gosia and Joaquin


SOng for Anna and Arne

Arne and I are friends since we were in high school. We had always had a good time with all the activities we did, but the one thing that was special about our friendship is the music. That’s why it was a great honor to write him and his wife Anna a Special Song.

Luckily I was involved planning the wedding and could therefore have a little interview with Anna’s friends to get some “behind the scenes info” about her. 😉 

"We are enjoying the memories of our wedding. And your song played six times in our apartment already."
- Anna and Arne

Nice! I want a Special Song, too!

Great! Then please get in contact with me and let’s have a conversation what we can do together!